Dry-Cured Beef Saucisson Sausage

Made from breast meat, this 100% dry-cured beef saucisson has an intense flavor with a dryer texture compared to our dry-cured beef sausage. This very unique product is amongst our best sellers localy for being generously tasty and  low in fat.


Lean beef, salt, pepper, aromatic herbs, spices.

Meat stuffed in a natural beef casing.

No nitrite salts, no artificial colour.

No preservatives are used in production apart from common salt, which plays a crucial role both in production and in creating the typical taste.

Organic farming

Product 100% pure beef 

Chef's tips

For appetizer or as a starter, enjoy it with a good beer or cold rosé wine. Quick and easy to prepare, beef sausage is a perfect choice for having a glass with friends or family.