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French beef delicatessen

After years of testing our meat and beef delicatessen products and elaborating the perfect recipes, we finally arrived at THE products we are now proud of. They are all 100% certified BIO/ORGANIC: we obtained this label in 2020. By making our charcuterie and meat products 100% beef, we are keeping our ethics of production in mind and we are always fully aware of the environmental impact.


A range of charcuterie 100% pure beef: Simply delicious.

Dried Meats


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Occitania, France

A preserved environment

At 500 meters altitude, in Padiès, Occitanie, the South West region of France, second largest agricultural region and first French region for organic agriculture, Ferme Peyrouse carries on a tradition of cattle breeding in the heart of Ségala in Tarn for several generations.

A farm and products respectful of the environment

Combining our ethics and responsibility towards our customers, we only use manure as a natural fertilizer to grow our crops and we keep our cattle in our fields all year round as we have practiced extensive breeding for the last 3 years. Our Galloway cattle are only eating grass and vegetation and all of our products are 100% organic.

From Peyrouse to your Grocery Store.

For more than 20 years, we have managed the logistics and delivery of fresh and dry products throughout France. Thanks to our know-how and our network of partners, we ensure the shipment of our products within the European Union.

Would you like to import our charcuterie products to your market? We will be pleased to hear about your project, so feel free to contact us.

Located in the Occitanie region, in France, Ferme Peyrouse is a family farm where we breed our galloway cattle. They are living in the fields all year round and are free to move on a parcel of 500ha.

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