Having been breeders for decades, we expanded our business into direct sales in 1999. With over 20 years experience now, we have a proficient production chain: from breeding, to delivery of our final products.

1999, the early stages

In 1999, the “mad cow” health crisis was detected. Beef prices were collapsing. Calves were sold below cost. It was then that we decided to launch the direct sale of veal. With the family car Peugeot Partner, equipped with a refrigerated box and a capacity of 50 boxes we travelled through our countryside. The early days were complicated; the public was difficult to conquer but the offer found its audience and the activity grew significantly. Over the years, and thanks to a collective awareness, the increase in quantities and better quality of products had made it possible to perpetuate this marketing method.

In 2019, we celebrated our 20 years of direct selling. It was the opportunity for us to formalize the launch of our 100% pure beef charcuterie after years of research and development.

National commercialisation

The days of the family Peugeot Partner are long behind us. After 10 years of direct sales, we decided to build our own packaging workshop. These investments respond to an increase in demand from our customers. Over the years, we have opened up sales in the Parisian/Ile de France, the South and North regions. We have been able to deliver throughout mainland France for more than 5 years now. Thus, all orders are prepared directly on the farm where the animals are born and raised. We control the entire industry. This mode of operation allows us to offer you products as well as the best quality service.

Our expertise in the export service

With our experience in France, we are able to meet the needs of foreign professionals thus, exporting our entire range of cold meats throughout the European Union. We are also considering requests from non-EU countries.