100% pure beef charcuterie

2018 is marked by the launch of our range of 100% pure beef charcuterie. It took us 18 months to find stable and tasty recipes. Our products are totally organic and are elaborated in a traditional way (choice of the animal, cuts of meat, drying and cured time).

Composition of our products

After years of testing our meat and delicatessen products and elaborating the perfect recipes, we finally arrived at the products we are now proud of. They are all 100% certified organic, label for which we obtained in 2020.

  • Our entire range of charcuterie products is made from forequarter cuts of beef (chuck or brisket).
  • Beef fat gives the fine taste that you find in our charcuteries.
  • Free from colourings, preservatives, nitrite salts or added sugars.
Beef brisket is one of the most flavorful cuts of meat although moderately fatty. We use this cut in charcuterie for its tenderness and marbling in meat which gives this very special and flavoured taste.
Beef chuck comes from the forequarter. Consisting of parts of the neck, shoulder cuts. Due to its marbling in meat, beef chuck is excellent for making dried cured meat that produces very flavoured delicatessen.
The Beef shank is the thigh of the animal’s leg. Each side of the animal has two shanks; one in the forequarter and the other one in the hindquarter. It is very muscular but mixed with chuck and brisket, it gives a perfect charcuterie.

All you need to know about our charcuterie in brief.


pure beef


years of research and development (and decades of experience).


of our farm products are organic


EU certified organic food label


To ensure transparency, we transmit every information related to our breeding. EU Certified Organic Agriculture is the first priority of our family farm in order to produce locally and sustainably.

In our breeding methods, animal welfare is a high priority. The bond between man and animal is essential. With this in mind, we open our farm each summer to showcase our breeding practices.

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