Made from beef brisket, our chorizo will delight all the spicy food lovers. 


Beef meat, chorizo spices mix (salt, sugar, natural spices, paprika), red colouring cochineal, red wine, white wine. 

Meat stuffed in a natural beef casing.

No artificial colours, no nitrite salts, no preservatives

Organic farming

100% pure beef

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Chef's tips

As a tapas: amateurs serve it thinly sliced, like a classic dry sausage. As a main course: it can perfectly complement a sandwich, a mixed salad or a tomato soup. It can be enjoyed cooked Spanish style with dried vegetables (chickpeas, lentils, white beans) or French style with a rice dish. It pairs very well with certain fish (cuttlefish for example). You can even enjoy it marinated with bay leaf and red wine, then smoked on the barbecue (Portuguese style), or even boiled for 15 minutes in raw cider like in Spanish Asturias.